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  Where Vedic soothsayers alert that wearing a foreboding stone can cause disaster, Western celestial prophets are more disposed to state, "In the event that you like it, wear it, as it's adage something about you right now." This isn't to state they ignore the intrinsic imagery, but instead that they place incredible stock on choice and on the mindfulness level of the customer. So where Western soothsayers will choose the class of pearl proper to the customers' interests, they will urge customers to choose the actual diamond, the hypothesis being that the customers will pick a stone that has shading connections or considerations or even blemishes that have individual importance.  This contradicts Vedic soothsaying in which the crystal gazer "endorses" the jewel, the tone, and even the particular weight and will either choose and set the pearl for the actual customer or send the customer to an expert who will "fill the crystal shop Chicago solution